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After more than a decade in the corporate world in sales/marketing/training, I took off my 4-inch heels, dumped my expensive handbags, donated my wardrobe of 300+ sarees, quit my corporate career, and got married to my soulmate, and moved to his city.

Of course, I imagined I would be back at work after a short sabbatical, but the most wonderful thing happened to me.

I became a mom. And naturally, much as…

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Sometimes, it can seem like life is sweeping you away too fast. You need to take a moment. Do the STOP practice every day to become mindfully aware of your current state and to see if you need to change anything.

Here’s how:

1. Stop moving. Be still.

2. Take a deep breath and focus on your breathing.

3. Observe — what is going on inside you? Around you? How do you feel? What do you see?

4. Proceed — carry on as before. If necessary, change your approach if you want/need to.

It’s a great practice for kids, too.

Try it and let me know.

Vidya Sury Collecting Smiles ❤ Did you smile today?

Heavens! Sorry you went through that, Preeti! I've had private notes of this sort on my self-published posts as well. Completely uncalled for. If a writer does not like a submission guideline they are free to self-publish or take it to another publication that does not have that requirement. As editors we do our best to finetune drafts and publish them --donating our time and effort. No editor deserves this treatment. Hugs! 💙 As one of the kindest persons I know, you certainly did not deserve it.

Tell her I am here, cheering her on pretending I am a sexy cheerleader with an elastic body and massive pom poms and a pony tail of really thick hair that bounches like nobody's business! 💙 And and... that I look forward to stories featuring her!

How interesting, Marcus! Just yesterday I was going through some old bookmarked posts from Illumination with challenges and prompts and wondered why we had no prompts. And your post today is the serendipitous answer! What a great set of prompts! I do love Diana's amazingly creative prompts and had missed them during her break and now I am glad she's back. I know I am going to be tag-bombing you in the weeks to come as I dip into your prompt treasure-chest in this post! Thanks again and great to connect with you! 💙

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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