I spent more than a decade in the corporate world, working in advertising, sales, marketing, and training in multinational companies.

When I met my soulmate at 33, I decided to retire. I happily dumped my 4-inch heels (what?? I am 5'3"!) along with my fabulous collection of handbags. I also gave away my extensive wardrobe (300+ sarees, countless dresses, and salwar kameezes), got married, packed my bags, and moved in with my partner.

Then I became a mom. When my son was one, I wanted to get back to work. But I didn’t fancy having a boss, so I decided to freelance. Today, I am living my dream as a Writer | Editor | Blogger. I blog and write content for businesses and edit manuscripts for authors and publishers.

Hire me to ghostwrite ebooks, edit manuscripts, and write just about any form of content you can think of! Get in touch with me.

I now manage six blogs of my own, where I enjoy writing about self-improvement, mindfulness, memoir, parenting, travel, health and wellness, diabetes, food, and books. More about me here.

I love coffee, and I am passionate about photography, travel, cooking, and music.

On really busy days, my free time is restricted to playing with my dust bunnies and showing my diabetes who's boss.

My goal in life is to improve the lives of underprivileged children. My blogging income and a portion of my writing income are dedicated to supporting welfare homes, Schools for the Blind, and Homes for the Aged.

Help me support underprivileged children via Ko-Fi. Thank you so much!

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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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Writer. All genres. Poet. Artist. Diabetes Warrior. Traveler. Photographer. Wears son's oversized tshirts. Creates own sunshine. Flawsome. https://vidyasury.com