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I feel as if the past week just whooshed by. It was busy, but if you ask me to list what I did, I’ll probably blink back blankly, because they were all little things that are seemingly inconsequential but cannot be avoided.

But yes, I did have a few long conversations, something I always welcome. Son is slowly settling down. We are grateful for each day that goes by without too many hiccups. And while we are not naive enough to wish for a day without problems, we do wish for the strength to tackle any that come our way.

I do need to work on my bedtime, though. It is so easy to stay awake until all hours. Oh, I have no trouble sleeping at all, but you know how it is. When we’re involved in something we enjoy doing — writing, and in my case, guiltily binge-watching something — time is easy to ignore.

Another thing to work on are the million drafts I’ve created. Every time I read something and want to say something, I create a draft to get back to. Do you do that too?

No regrets, though! All in good time. It is a fresh new week and month.

Welcome to this week’s roundup! So many wonderful writers to meet and so little time! Rather than try to remember every post I read, I now make a list so that I can access them quickly when I write this post.

As Jon puts it so well:

The human tapestry grows in beauty and strength with each thread and stitch we sew. JM Heatherly

So let’s begin this roundup on a healthy note with JM Heatherly’s delicious salad recipe.

What’s better than a refreshing herbal tea with family and friends, as Julie Gaeta describes in her post?

Sandra’s post “Live and Love Right Now” is an affirmation of life, because life becomes more beautiful when you remember impermanence.

Trista Signe Ainsworth’s post on forgiveness with touch your heart

As Pene Hodge says in her post, do not let the bullies get the best of you!

How can you be respectful even when you disagree? Read Kris Bedenian’s post

Liberty Forrest, Author’s post on how to kill the toxic weeds in your mind was an emotional experience.

Spyder Darling presents life lessons in the most enjoyable way!

Evelyn Lim has a step-by-step guide on how to install love on a human computer.

Lisa R Marshall’s post about the impact our words can have on others is a must-read!

pockett dessert has an important message to convey through her post about starfish. Did you know you should not touch starfish?

KSHernandez’s verse in honor of ALL Black women and girls who are killed or go missing every day, without so much as a footnote had me all choked and crying.

Read Teresa Young’s soulful poem “Five Still Minutes on a Small Stone Bridge”
and the power of friendship

Thief, as usual, will enthrall you with his tantalizing play on words.

Winston is a goldmine of information about writing on Medium and he shares his knowledge freely. Here’s what he has to say about being a top writer.

Diana C. does the most gorgeous roundups (and she does them four times a week, besides all the other million things on her plate). *Totally in Awe*

And of course, there is no life without laughter. Read @Srini’s post for your dose.

Have a fantastic week ahead!

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles ❤ Did you smile today?

I love Medium and the wonderful writers I engage with. Sadly, the Medium Partner Program is not open to writers based in India. One of the reasons I write is to support underprivileged children. Would you consider buying me a cup of coffee? Thank you so much!



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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles


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