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It seems like I posted a roundup only yesterday. I think it is because I’ve been busy with most of my time spent at the dentist’s clinic. Two teeth were extracted. Pretty painful. But I am grateful for painkillers and the thought that I am my own boss — which basically means flexible work timings and taking time off without stressing over it.

Oh, before I forget — let me remind you that the deadline for participating in the CC4 Challenge is 28 February 2022 — barely four days left. Please do send in your entries. I mean, how hard can it be to write about your favorite music/movies? Come on, my dears! Here are the details:

What about this week’s yum-yum, nom-nom? I have not made anything special — basically because I’ve been eating soft foods, soups and mashed stuff. But yeah, if any of you ever have a dentist’s appointment and cannot eat ice cream, here’s an option. Blend a couple of apples with half a spoon of cinnamon and two drops of vanilla, store it in a jar in your fridge and enjoy, chilled. No dentist appointment. No problem. You can garnish with walnuts, almonds, and dates and make it a healthy and filling snack. Life is too interesting to eat boring food.

Vidya Sury’s applesauce with nuts and dates.

The posts I am featuring this week are all so exceptionally written. I am humbled to present them to you. ❤

As you read, enjoy this song by Paul McCartney (1983) Pipes of Peace. Something we do need right now.


From Coffee Times

Preeti Ramachandran’s post about her take on self-care blew me away! I already admire her writing and this post from her was no exception. Read her post to understand the hype, the necessity, and some ways she self-c’s. (Love ya, Preeti!)

Warren Patterson’s post is a useful read for those serious about writing. Do you have these five qualities he’s talking about? I know he says blog but I am sure it can be interchanged with writing.

Rhea Anglesey’s post had me sobbing away as she talks about losing her dad. She does it so lovingly and beautifully that I just could not control myself. I am sure he’s so proud of her as he watches over her now. The wisdom in her post went straight to my heart.

Harmeet Singh’s post about how his approach to Beat 4 tears of clinical depression — and why you don’t need to take anti-depressants forever is an eye-opening read and excellently written.

Having depression and anxiety is not the end of life; even the most successful people in the world have experienced anxiety and mental health problems, but they did not lose their hopes and overshadowed all of that to become who they are today.

Dharan.M’s post about six ways he practices meditative self-care has some great tips you can practice too.

We already know that no matter what we do, there will always be people who disapprove of our actions — but that does not mean you should heed them. Daniella Cressman’s post explores the ways in which people who feel incompetent will try to dim your light.

Do you believe that life’s obstacles build you up? Aarti Tailor, in her post, talks about why uncertainty is good for the soul.

Words can hurt or heal. Jenna Hamilpuff talks about how words affect her. If you are sensitive to words, you can identify with her story. Lovely essay.

Honorable mentions and great reads

Siana MasseyI said no, and I was amazed at the response

Shreya SinhaThe highs and lows of life

René EspinosaMy brief stint in prison

Aun Gregg What does smart mean to you?

Maya Borealis LinkedIn-what using the network for a job search taught me

Noorain AliOde to the pencil

Sanghita PalTravel is life, life is travel

Sarah PelaezHow I became a scapegoat

Across Medium

Mary Chang Story Writer who runs one of my favorite publications, the Six-Word Photo Story Challenge, wrote a lovely post about how she made chicken teriyaki. Read it. You’ll love it.

Ali Hall who runs Spread the Ripple (of kindness) wrote a month-long series about veganism in January. In this post, she talks about how using a writing template helps.

I loved Bingz Huang’s post listing her top stories of 2021. I think it is a fantastic idea for every writer to do this. It can be a roundup of your posts from last month as well. I know Sandra Pawula makes an index of each month’s stories.

I think everyone should read this post by Dr Mehmet Yildiz about the importance of Vitamin B12. Did you know a deficiency can cause vertigo, among other health issues?

Jennifer Geer addresses a crucial topic in her post. Please do read it. It is important.

Prompts from our Coffee Times columnists

Yana Bostongirl — Life — has a lovely prompt — how does creating art help you relax?

Sharing Randomly — Travel — has a very interesting prompt — present your travel post in verse!

Marrisa W. — Books — wants to know your favorite magic/fantasy book/book series

Vincent Van Patten — Inspiration — wants you to try writing about subjective reality, what imbues life with meaning.

Ashley — Entertainment — urges you to respond to the CC4 challenge. Deadline is on 28 February

Dr. Preeti Singh just published her editor’s pick post for this week.

That’s it for this week!

Got suggestions?

Comment and let us know! We’re listening.

Do visit the featured posts, engage, comment, clap, and show you care ❤ Thank you!

Loved these comments on last week’s roundup!

Kristen Stark’s comment made me laugh. I hope she doesn’t hate me for posting her comment here:

The crying gif! Too sad and cute. Haha. I honestly spent my Valentine’s Day prepping for a colonoscopy. All is well, but I wasn’t thinking when I scheduled the procedure for 2/15 HAHA. TMI, sorry.

Tamil had this to say:

haha, loved the gif. Come on now Vidya, who celebrates valentines day anymore? Ain’t every day valentines day….me ducking out ;-) But seriously, I got a deep tissue massage as a surprise from my husband. It felt so good for all the sore muscles that had been craving it for almost 2 years now. I am still finding ways to surprise him ;-)

And just to give my own ego a massage, here is Eko BP’s comment.

Vidya, always appreciate your taking the time to publish my articles, and to introduce me to these fabulous reads. It is the making time that I admire from you, and appreciate it. Thank you!

With love from the Coffee Times Team

Winston, Dr. Preeti Singh, Yana Bostongirl, Drashti Shroff, Marrisa W., Sharing Randomly, Vincent Van Patten, Ashley and yours truly, Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Writing about Self Improvement, Mindfulness, Meditation, Parenting, Health, Travel, Life, Books. Showing my diabetes who’s boss. Visit: https://vidyasury.com