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Hi! my dear Coffee Times folks! A brand new month has dawned. What have you got planned? Do share in the comments!

It is also a month full of important days — International Women’s Day to name one. At the time of writing this, 4th March is National Unplugging Day — isn’t that cool? March is also Women’s History Month, National Nutrition Month, National Caffeine Awareness Months, to just name a few. You can catch the rest of it here. They all make pretty good writing prompts if you are ever stuck for a topic!

So the CC4 challenge has closed and you are welcome to encourage the participants through your comments and claps. Be generous. Can you believe I have not managed to hit the 1000-clap mark on my post? Hmph! Oh well.

Moving on….

My deepest gratitude to all those who commented on last week’s roundup and for the kind wishes. My dental saga is on. Monday is root canal day. I am craving ice creams even if my teeth give me a nasty look. So I baked these healthyass brownies instead. Vegan, sugar-free, nutty and delicious. I plan to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream (did you know there’s a flavor called shameless vanilla? True story) on the side.

Vidya Sury’s healthy brownies. Sugarfree, sweetened with dates and embellished with nuts

This week I have incredible reads for you. I wish I could have added even more to the list below. The diversity and variety were simply mind-boggling, folks! Enjoy!

From Coffee Times

Harry Stefanakis has an interesting travelogue about Hanoi — enjoy!

Libby Shively McAvoy’s lovely take on Yana Bostongirl and Carmellita’s prompt is a wonderful read. She talks about how shifting into alignment through awareness can ease tension in life.

Nick Stockton’s posts about his family are always a delightful read. Here’s one where he talks about shopping lists.

Adelina Vasile’s brilliant post about how to talk to children about war is so timely and took my breath away. Filled with examples, references and great commentary — it is a MUST-READ, folks. Go read now.

Light Hearted Vision has tips on living a healthy life for you. Granted that we know them all, but it is also true that we need to be constantly reminded. Read their post to know how repetition builds efficiency — a principle that works in all aspects of life!

Kittie Velour has a debate going on in her post about joy vs. happiness. Which would you choose? Wait, is there a difference, really? Read and find out.

I could identify with Alicia Domínguez’s post where she talks about how hard it is to describe what you do. I suspect that my own folks actually have no idea what I do online. Hmm.

Are you a coach or an entrepreneur? Do you have a confidence mindset? Do you believe in yourself? Perri Michelle talks about how to overcome imposter syndrome.

Honorable mentions and great reads

Scot Butwell 6 ‘Dead Poets Society’ Quotes To Help You To Find Your Writing Voice

Le Voir N. Lewis A Lifetime of Soul Searching

Debbra Lupien, Voice of the Akashic Records You Deserve Better Than The Noose of Perfectionism

Michelle Middleton You Deserve Better Than The Noose of Perfectionism

PseuPending (Seu) Golden Oysters Semi-Dried is the Real Thing

Samantha Leighanne Wild Birds Die in Cages

R. M. Frances When Being a Feminist also Means being “Man Enough”

Wahyuni Sapri Macaron vs Macaroon

Across Medium

This week is all about writing advice and succeeding on Medium. So — enjoy these!

Found this interesting post from thecoderhaven offering a detailed review of how to get started on Medium and of course, how to become a top writer in your first month. Beautifully written!

If you are clueless about SEO, The Garrulous Glaswegian has a fabulous post on optimizing your posts for visibility.

I found Burk’s post about how he earned money with free products quite fascinating! It made me want to try what he described.

Diane Callahan had some great advice for new writers and lists ten mistakes to avoid.

Kurtis Pykes shows you how to build the ideal freelance portfolio from scratch.

Prompts from our Coffee Times columnists

Yana Bostongirl — Life — asks, have you experienced a consciousness shift recently?

Sharing Randomly — Travel — wants you to write one or a set of haikus all about traveling

Marrisa W. — Books — Your favourite magic/fantasy book/book series

Vincent Van Patten — Inspiration — has a beautiful prompt — go check it out here.

Ashley — Entertainment — urges to go support all the contestants for the CC4 challenge.

Special prompt

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles — invites you to write a post about a woman you admire and tag her. ❤ She will read, comment and clap and also publish a round-up of all your posts. Thank you!

Got suggestions?

Comment and let us know! We’re listening.

Do visit the featured posts, engage, comment, clap, and show you care ❤ Thank you!

With love from the Coffee Times Team

Winston, Dr. Preeti Singh, Yana Bostongirl, Drashti Shroff, Marrisa W., Sharing Randomly, Vincent Van Patten, Ashley and yours truly, Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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