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Hi! Readers! And Writers, of course! (and lurkers 😉) My mind is completely boggled by the reading I’ve done this week while juggling work deadlines. The variety, the quality, and the joy of reading diverse writers’ stories is something we’ll find only on Medium. Sure, there’s reading across the web, but here’s where you will find a concentration of great articles.

Just go take a look at the Coffee Times home page, and you’ll know what I mean!

So — CC6 — how many of you are taking part? If you haven’t yet, here’s Yana’s post with all the details and guidelines to participate. A writer’s best treasure, after their writing, of course, is their loyal reader base and that is what this contest helps you to build and nurture. So get going! 💜

Skipping over Winston’s top tens on the Coffee Times’ Substack, which I hope you are all keeping up with, let me tell you about the yumminess that happened last Sunday. We have this local annual crafts fair in our locality every year. It was on hold for the past two years because of the pandemic — and it was wonderful to see it back.

People thronging to look at all the beautiful stuff on sale — it was truly fun. We almost didn’t go and then decided that we shouldn’t miss it — and landed up there. Took a quick look around and made a beeline for the food court. This is my favorite part as I enjoy watching the cooks at work. Yes, I took videos. And then finally we settled to indulge in the piping hot freshly prepared food.

Akki Rotti at Malleswaram Santhe — a Karnataka cuisine special — Photo by Vidya Sury ©

So what you see here is “Akki rotti” or rice flatbread — made with a dough of rice flour with veggies and herbs and served with two types of delicious chutneys. The dough is flatted by hand on the griddle and cooked. So yum! This is a Karnataka special and there was a long queue waiting impatiently!

Good food, good reads — what else can one want in life? (feel free to tell me in the comments!)

Without further ado, here is this week’s terrific twelve from across Medium!

Let’s begin by tiptoeing through the tulips with Susan Alison and her adorable pup. And while you enjoy the gorgeous photos and commentary, be enthralled by her artwork. She’s amazing!

Sara Burdick’s post about how she came across an empty nest and the two perspectives is a delightful read. I loved it.

I love writing prompts and found this one from Spyder so heartwarming. It made me think of all the lovely things that our family is appreciated and recognized for — yes, I am the process of writing a post in response. The prompt is an exercise in positive thinking — at least for me. Check it out.

I have said it more than once and will continue to say it — Ali Hall is amazing and always writes thought-provoking posts. Here’s her latest about going childfree. And truly, it is nobody’s business to be judgmental about those who make the choice to be childfree. Read her post.

I’d be the first to endorse that mindful meditation can transform our lives — and Sandra Pawula’s post about 5 ways it has improved her life is an excellent read. I always appreciate the way she presents her posts!

pockett dessert is one of my favorite writers on Medium. Her posts are a visual treat (yes, I’ve said that before and this won’t be the last time). With lovely verses, photography, and commentary, her posts always leave you yearning for more. This post of hers is also delicious. You’ll see why.

Lwazi is an amazing writer and his stories usually tug at our hearts. I loved this post about his mom. Do take time to explore his profile and read other stories by him.

If you enjoy superhero stories, David Perlmutter’s stories will captivate you. Here’s one of his latest stories — it is superb! Enjoy!

Carmellita — you know her — she writes fantastic stories. I enjoyed this one about why the top writer tags matter. You’ll want to take notes when you read her post.

If you are looking for a great read with reflection questions that aren’t always comfortable but absolutely worth mulling over, Nancy Blackman’s posts are what you need to read. She has a wonderful way of leading a topic and making you think. Enjoy this one.

Can you imagine sending postcards to your friends across the world? Doesn’t it feel lovely to even think about it? A pretty card with a short message to keep in touch? Well, my friend Katie Michaelson’s post will enchant you. Feel free to get excited when you see all the postcards within. You can send/receive one too!

To wrap up, a charming post by Caroline Mellor — to her daughter — such excellent parenting advice that we can all benefit from when it comes to using social media.

That’s it for this week ✍

My heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful comments on last week’s roundup. Thank you especially Elizabeth Dawber

Prompts from our Coffee Times columnists

I encourage you to go check out our Coffee Times columnists’ prompts.

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Dr. Preeti Singh’s editor’s picks this week.

Until next week!

Got suggestions? Comment and let me know!

With love from the Coffee Times Team

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Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

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