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What To Read On Medium This Week — 33

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Hola! Dear Friends! It’s a new month, we’ve officially bid goodbye to half of 2022. In India, tax filing deadlines are drawing near and I, for one, find it super stressful even though I have a chartered accountant to help me. It is time-consuming and somewhat tedious with the lengthy forms and all. Still, I am lucky that my CA is also a good friend and it is an occasion for us to meet and spend time together.

On a happy note, my son’s home for a few weeks and I am extra-thrilled. Enough said. It’s a food fest at home with conversations, some nagging from me, naturally, and hopefully some travel as well. Since he also has work to do we’ll be planning around that.

I pride myself on my ability to sneak veggies into everything and here’s one dish that my son loves, even though he’s not a huge fan of two particular veggies — the cabbage and bottle gourd. I make a Gujarati dish with this called muthia where I grate the veggie and knead it with millet flour, masala flavoring, and greens and steam it. Then I cut it into pieces and gently toss it in a spoon of oil after sputtering mustard seeds and cumin seeds. The result is a gourmet dish that is both delicious and veggie-packed, besides nicely filling. Preferred side dishes are yogurt and pickle for some.

Vidya Sury © Muthia with cabbage. Yeah I know I should have arranged it poshly on a plate. Bwahahaha!

Muthia makes a great snack or a meal by itself as it has complex carbs, protein, and fiber. Refrigerates well, too, and leftovers are yum!

To my Canadian friends

Happy Canada Day! 🍁

Now, for this week’s superb reads ✍

My first pick is a heartwarming read from Mike Butler — a tribute to his mom who’s celebrating her birthday this Sunday. Loved it. Mike is not only a great writer but a wonderful person, too!

If you were/are an Enid Blyton fan, Stacey Cass brings you five interesting things that you may not know about Enid Blyton. I was shocked to read this post. So much for fantasizing all kinds of sweet things about a beloved Children’s author, eh?

What would happen if Gerald Sturgill became the world’s dictator. Only one way to find out — read his post. I think you’ll agree with me that he’ll make a really nice dictator. Not the Hitler kind!

Susan Alison — a fabulous artist and writer takes us on a pleasant trip involving street eat feasts. Yum!

Here’s a charming post from Heather Viger who writes about switching off all things technology and enjoying ourselves with some real-life entertainment. Loved it!

Terence Kong’s post is a fascinating read that shows you how to get on the path to inner peace. We’re all seeking it, aren’t we? And we all have at least some beliefs we’d do well to give up, don’t we?

Sarah-Jane W. 💙 offers tips on how to get more reads on your stories and discusses the case for self-publishing vs submitting to publications.

I quite like the Escape song by Rupert Holmes; have you heard it? mean, If you like piña coladas, And gettin’ caught in the rain…🎵” I remember singing along — until I actually listened to the lyrics. Dalia Y. delves into the deeper meaning of the song and critiques it. I like it! (By the way, there’s also a fun version of this song by Adam Samberg and Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show. Love it!)

If you enjoy travel writing, you must read JoAnn Ryan’s post listing all the reasons why now is a great time to go for it.

Ever wondered how we progressed from hieroglyphics to books? A fascinating read with fun facts from Jill Ebstein — I enjoyed it very much. Includes the most read books in the world — go see how many you’ve read from that list.

I was sad to read Ravyne Hawke’s post annoucning that her publication Promptly Written is going off the air for now, but being the wonderful person she is, she wrote a follow-up post offering a list of publications worth writing for. Great resource.

And on the topic of publications, my friend Sally Prag has launched a fun one called “Badform” which has already begun to take off. Do check out the guidelines if you’d like to write for it. You can even earn an MBA from doing so. He he.

Until next week!

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